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   Debit/ATM Card After Hours Support number listed on back of card is no longer valid. 

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“Being a rep payee on my mom's account has gone so smoothly. Julie Mumm...always puts a smile on my face.


Nate Stram

“Now that I’m in college, especially since it’s in another state, the mobile app has become like a necessity. ”


Molly Stram

“When I moved to Whitewater, we talked about switching banks. But, I love everyone at Peoples and wasn’t ready for that change. Besides, I have the mobile app!”

Tom Paulson

“I use the mobile app to deposit my paychecks. You can use mobile and online banking any time, any place, whether 12 or 1200 miles from the bank. I am proof of that.”

Samantha Connor

"When I need to know my balance, PSB mobile app. When I need to transfer money, PSB mobile app. When I need to know if something cleared, PSB  mobile app."

Tristain Sparks

"I really don’t look closely at my statements and bank announcements. I used to check my balance every once in a while online, now I do it regularly with the app."

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