Personalize your debit card through

Choose from a wide array of preselected designs or, if you have a favorite digital photo, have it printed on your card. Start designing your card today!


How much does this service cost? There is a $10.00 fee to order your DesignIt! card.

Who may request a Design It! Photocard? Any PSB cardmember can request a personalized photo card. New debit card applicants will initially receive our standard debit card. Once the customer receives the standard debit card they can choose to design their own.

Can I have a different card design than my joint cardmember? Yes! Each cardmember on the account can create their own card.

How can I turn my picture into a Design It! Photocard?To upload your picture, it must be saved as a digital image that you can access on your computer. Before uploading, remember, the images need to be saved in JPEG, PNG, GIF, Bitmap or Tiff Format.

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