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   Debit/ATM Card After Hours Support number listed on back of card is no longer valid. 

For updated contact information click here.  

Face coverings are required at all Peoples State Bank locations. Thank you for your understanding.


Use MobiMoney to control your debit card. You can set transaction limits, (for example, disabling all online purchases), merchant limits (for example, disable gas station purchases), or location limits. And, set up specific alerts so that you always know what is happening with your card. 

Get it from the Google Play Store

Download from the Apple App Store


First, install the app onto your smart phone and 'Allow Notifications'. Now, select 'New User' and follow the on-screen prompts to enter your card details and billing address. Finally, enter and confirm a passcode and you're done.

To add more cards, tap the menu icon and select 'Manage Portfolio'. From here, tap 'Add Card' and follow these same steps.


To get specific alerts through MobiMoney, tap 'Alert Preferences', then select 'Preferred Transactions'.

In Locations Alerts, 'My Location' will follow your phone's GPS or you can define regions. Tap 'Add Regions' and either zoom in on your location or search for one. Give the region a name, then tap 'save'. Another option is just to get alerts for international activity.

Select 'Merchant Types' and enable. You can turn on any category you want to get alerts for and tap 'save'.

Set up Transaction alerts the same way as you set up Merchant alerts.

Lastly, by selecting 'Spend Limits' and tapping 'Per Transaction', you can set your price and save it.


First, let's select 'Merchant Types', and enable controls. Now, simply turn off on types that you don't want allowed (like travel or age restricted) and tap 'save'.

Now, let's go into 'Transaction Types' and enable controls. You can limit transaction types by turning them off (like eCommerce or Auto Pay) and save.

By tapping 'Spend Limits', you can enable per transaction controls and simply enter an amount and tap 'save'.


To turn off all transactions, tap the 'Card Off' button and confirm your selection. To reactivate your card, simply follow these same steps.

Tap the Menu icon and 'Find Us'. You'll be given a map of all nearby ATMs. You can even search by city or zip code.

Tapping the Menu icon will give you access to other settings such as 'Do Not Disturb'.


To edit Location controls, tap on 'Control Preferences' and 'Locations'.

Turn on 'My Locations' to limit any transactions that aren't near your primary device.

Or, define locations by tapping 'My Regions'. Tap 'Add Regions' and zoom or search for you location. Use the pinch and swipe feature to define borders, give the region a name, and tap 'save'. You can edit a region using the same method. Tap on the trash icon to delete that region.

Or, only block international transactions.


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