Security Center

Substantial measures are in place at Peoples State Bank to protect your identity against theft and fraud.  We maintain rigorous information security programs and a Privacy Policy to protect your personal and financial information.  These policies are stringent and enforced, with employee training provided regularly.  We treat your confidential information with the utmost care - whether online or in-person.

To help combat the ongoing threat, we would also like to help educate our customers.

Federal Trade Commission Scam Alerts

Stay a step ahead with the latest info and practical tips from the nation's consumer protection agency. Browse FTC scam alerts by topic or by most recent to get info on what to know and what to do about scams.


Anti-phishing Working Group

The APWG is the global pan-industrial and law enforcement association focused on eliminating the fraud and identity theft that result from phishing, pharming, and email spoofing of all types. 


Fraud!org has been working with consumers and law enforcement for over two decades to prevent Internet and telemarketing fraud. NCL's Fraud Center and have helped millions of consumers protect themselves and loved ones against malicious scams.


OnGuard Online

OnGuard Online provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.


Equifax Breach

Concerned about the Equifax breach? See our FAQ to learn more about the breach and how to protect yourself. 




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